The Pile Driver Part Six


substitute teaching. This summer he is going to be applying for permanent teaching positions in the whole state.” With the positive influences he will get from his principals, Mike will be sure to land a full-time teaching position.”


“I don’t know. I haven’t thought that far ahead.” Mike responded.


“What is wrong with being a full-time teacher Mike?” asked Courtney


“There’s nothing wrong with teaching as a profession. I’m just not sure it’s a fit for me,” replied Mike.


Courtney gives an exasperated sigh, “Then what is your perfect fit Mike?”


“I don’t know. I’m still looking looking for it,” answered Mike.


This conversation did not make for a very pleasant evening of socializing. In fact the atmosphere was quite tense. You could cut the tension with a knife.


When his afternoon substitute teaching assignment was over, Mike went to the wrestling school with Matt.


Al Sharp’s Wrestling School was located in a warehouse in the industrial area of the city. Al’s facility was also used by a boxing club and a martial arts school. Al made some extra money by renting out the facility to the managers of the boxing and martial art clubs. Al had been in the wrestling business since he was in his early twenties His father was a professional wrestler and Al was always interested in his dad’s line of work.


Al asked his father if he could get him started in the wrestling business. His dad told him that he could break Al in as a referee. After a few months of being a referee, Al felt that he had what it took to be a professional wrestler. Al learned the trade quickly and he had all the lumber to be a successful wrestler. He was a strong athlete and had good camera skills. Al made it to being a mid-card wrestler and was a mid-card attraction for about twenty years.


As Al’s body started to age he found the wrestling life was taking a 


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