The Pile Driver Part Five

“It’s like twenty-seven high power vacuum cleaners pointed out you sucking out every last ounce of your energy,” Mike explained.

“It’s amazing that you still have the energy to go to the gym after school,”stated Courtney sarcastically.

“Not really. Although you’re exhausted after a day with the kids, it’s also hard to come down. Once the kids adrenaline kicks in so does yours. Not to mention that you’re pretty frustrated by trying to maintain control all day.”

“Well Mike if you still the energy to work out, you have the energy to go out on a date with me and our friends.”

Mike replied, “They’re really more your friends. Jessica is okay, but I get a headache listening to Rodney.”

“What’s wrong with Rodney?” asked Courtney.

“Rodney is probably one of most boring people I’ve met in my life. I hate pseudo-intellectuals.”

“Let me tell you Mike. It’s no bundle of joy listening to your friends either. Although they want to do is talk about mixed martial arts fighting, wrestling,their cars and video games.”

“Well, at least my friends have hobbies other than reading and watching documentaries,” retorted Mike.

“I’m not going to argue about this Mike. We have a date for tonight and you’re not going to jam out on it. Not only that, you’re going to have fun too.”

When Mike and Courtney arrive at the Golden Spider, Rodney and Jessica are already there and have ordered their drinks.

Rodney looks right at Mike and asks Mike. “When are you going to get a real job Mike? Get some direction in your life?”

“I’m only twenty-three years old Rodney. I don’t have my whole life planned out for me like you do.”

With that, Rodney laughed and said, “Ah Ha! We have a free spirit among us.”

“Don’t worry about Mike, Rodney. This is going to be his last year of


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