The Piledriver Part Three


“I wonder what those two guys do for a living or if they even have jobs,” queried Mike.


“Beats me but they probably don’t sell cars or life insurance,” Matt joked.


“Those two guys are really getting me curious,” said Mike. “What if we asked them what they do for a living after they’ve finished working out?”


“I just hope those two dudes are friendly,” laughed Matt.


After about one hour had passed both Mike and Matt and the two newcomers to the gym had finished their workouts. Mike and Matt figured now was their chance to satisfy their curiosity. When they got to the change room Mike was the first to approach the two new dudes. “Hey guys. My friend Matt and I are really impressed with how you guys worked out. You guys can lift so much weight we wondered what you guys do for a living.”


The dude with the blue hair looked at Mike and Matt and grinned. “You guys wouldn’t believe us if we told you.”


“Now you really got us curious,” said Matt.


It was now the guy with the orange hair with the pointed goatee’s turn to speak. “We’re professional wrestlers. We both wrestle for an independent wrestling promotion in town.”


“Yeah, we might be wrestling in this promotion for a month or two and then when the crowd gets tired of us we’ll move on to a different city or a different state,” said Blue Hair.


“Yep, that’s the life of professional wrestler,” added Orange Hair.


You guys have some pretty good physiques yourself,” said Blue Hair. “Why don’t you drop by the wrestling school tomorrow afternoon? The promoter Al Sharp runs the wrestling school as well as serving as being the booker for the matches. We’ll introduce you to Al and you’ll get a chance to learn what independent wrestling is all about.”


Mike looked at Matt. “I don’t have anything planned for tomorrow 


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