Lake Mariposa Part Twelve

The freak said that his name was Sky. He wasn’t wearing a shirt but wore a leather vest. His hair was long, black and scraggly. He had a noticeable scar on one cheek. He had an earring in one ear and looked like a cross between a biker and a pirate.

Before I go to the main stage I need to conduct a little business. By the way I haven’t properly introduced myself. My name is Gypsy,” said the pirate freak.

I’m very pleased to meet you, Gypsy. My name is Misty. I came here with my dad, my sister and her very new boyfriend.”

Very new boyfriend?” asked Gypsy.

Yes, they just met today and now they’re madly in love with each other,” explained Misty.

Who knows? Lightning may strike twice today.”

With this, Misty blushed. “Can I come along with you Gypsy?”

Yeah, sure you can walk with me,” answered Gypsy.”It’s about a ten minute walk from here to where I’m headed. I found a great spot near the lake. It’s a little secluded.”

So what kind of business are you in Gypsy?”

I’m in sales,” said Misty’s new friend with a sly grin.

And what is it that you sell?” Misty had a pretty good idea what his Gypsy’s product line is.

I sell products to expand your mind. My products give you vivid dreams and help you see colors you’ve never seen before,” Gypsy answered adjusting the leather bag strapped over his shoulder.

When they arrived at Gypsy’s designated spot Misty saw that it was a little grassy area surrounded by trees and very close to the water. It was also situated where people walking along the path could see them.

This is a good shady area to set up shop,” said Gypsy taking his satchel off of his shoulder. Gypsy pulled a piece of yellow poster paper out of the big. Printed on it in sharp black lettering were the words. Sweet Dreams Sold Here.

Within a few minutes a skinny young man wearing a white tank top walked towards them.

Whatcha got for sale, man?”

That depends upon how far you want to take your dreams,” answered Gypsy.

I want them to go real far,” the young man said.











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