Lake Mariposa Part Eleven

Lloyd continued to take requests throughout the evening including sing-a-long songs such as Let It Be and Yellow Submarine by The Beatles. One of the last songs that Lloyd played that evening was Just Like A Woman by Bob Dylan. Rick and Sasha could not resist cuddling up during this number and by this time were not embarrassed by a public display of their affection.

At around 11:00 PM. The group was tired and was ready to turn in for the evening. Three tents were already set up. Lloyd gave the instructions for this evening’s sleeping arrangements.

The red tent is for me,” Lloyd directed.”The blue tent that was originally intended to be for Misty and Sasha’s is now solely Misty’s due to a change of plans. The yellow tent is for Rick and Sasha.

This announcement made everyone very happy. Rick and Sasha cuddled and kissed during the next forty minutes and eventually fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning Lloyd was the first to arise. After smoking a cigarette and boiling some water for coffee Lloyd attended to breakfast preparations. Misty helped Lloyd build the fire. Lloyd started cracking several eggs to put in the frying pan while Misty started to put bacon strips on a skillet.

The group enjoyed a hearty breakfast that morning. Everyone felt so full that they went back to their tents to lie down for about an hour. When everyone was rested and had time to let their food digest it was time to head out to the main stage for day two of the rock festival. Lloyd and Rick carried the large cooler and Misty and Sasha brought along the snacks.

The sun was shining brightly and it was already getting warm. After they’d walked a little ways down the path Misty said, “Hey, there’s that freak I saw at Memorial Park just up about ten yards ahead of us.”

Misty didn’t even wait for a response from the others. She ran ahead to greet the freak that she liked. He was with his own group of friends and Misty noticed that there wasn’t a female in his party. She took this as a very good sign.

Misty immediately introduced herself. She walked right up to the guy she had her eye on and said, ” Hi, I’m Misty. Are you guys headed out to hear the bands?”

You betcha, honey,” replied the freak. “You wanna join us.”

I’d love to,” was Misty’s answer.

The freak said that his name was Sky. He wasn’t wearing a shirt but wore a leather vest. His hair was long, black and scraggly. He had a noticeable scar on one cheek. He had an earring in one ear and looked like a cross between a biker and a pirate.








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