Lake Mariposa Part Ten

Yes, it does,” answered Rick. “I think I love you.”

I love you too, man.” Sandy embraced Rick with a passionate embrace. Their two bodies felt like their were melting into each other. They must have held this hug for a full five minutes. Many people walked walked by them but they didn’t even notice. They were the only two people on earth for that moment in time.

When they finally became too physically tired to hang on to each other any longer they broke their embrace.

We better go back and find Lloyd and Misty. They might be worried that something happened to us,” said Rick.

Well, they would be right about that,” Sasha said with a giggle.

When they got back to the main stage area it didn’t take them long to find Misty and Lloyd.

Well, you two seem to have hit it off,” Lloyd commented.

Yeah, I guess you could say that,” Rick said with a blush.

I thought you two had hitched a ride to LosVegas for a quickie wedding and honeymoon,” Misty chimed in.

Come on, Misty, Rick and I only met this afternoon,” said Sasha feeling a little bit embarrassed.

Well, Romeo and Juliet fell in love in even less time,” said Misty.

Ah, come on, Misty. You’re just jealous,” said Lloyd taking a drag off his Marlborough.

Don’t worry dad. I always get lucky at these outdoor festivals, “ Misty replied taking a sip from her can of Bud.

I know that Misty. I’ve never known you to miss at a rock festival,” laughed Lloyd.

After the last band played their set the happy group headed back to the campgrounds. As soon as they got there Lloyd had the charcoal barbeque going. Misty put the hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. After they ate, Lloyd got his guitar out of his tent.

Any requests this evening?” asked Lloyd as he tuned up his prize Martin D-18.

Do you know Gloria by Them,” asked Rick.

Oh, that old three chord wonder,” laughed Lloyd. Of course, I started out playing with a garage band.”




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