Lake Mariposa Part Nine


Okay, were you looking forward to coming to Winnipeg before you knew that you’d meet me?” asked Rick after taking a bite off his corn dog.

Yeah, I was,” said Sasha thoughtfully. “Spending the summer with my dad and my sister is kind of a break for me. If I was staying with my mom this summer she would probably send me to Bible camp for a couple of weeks. Plus, it’s good to see how the heathens live,” laughed Sasha.

Can I ask you a real personal question, Sasha?” asked Rick with a nervous expression.

I guess so,” said Sasha with a chuckle. “After all you took me for a pee in the bush.”

Sasha, do you have a boyfriend in Los Angeles?” Rick could hear the quiver in his voice when he was asking Sasha this question.

Sort of, but he likes me better than I like him, “ Sasha answered honestly.

So will you still be seeing him after this summer?” Rick asked.

Probably, but just off and on.”

Why do you still go out with him if you don’t like him that much?” said Rick with a hint of anger in his voice.

Mostly because of my mother. She and Devin’s mother are close friends. They attend the same weekly Bible study. I mean, Devin’s a nice enough guy I guess, but there’s no heat there. You know what I mean,” said Sasha trying to explain herself.

So you’re saying you see him to basically keep your mom happy,” asked Rick quizzically.

I guess so.”

Do you see other guys in L.A. besides Devin?”

Yeah, but none of them really turn my crank either.”

So, you are presently now a free agent?” asked Rick hopefully.

Oh, no.” replied Sasha.

Because of Devin?” asked Rick in a worried tone of voice.

No, because of you, silly boy.”

Rick let out an audible sigh of relief. He felt momentarily weak and went down on his knees.

Are you alright, man?” asked Sasha with deep concern.

Yeah, I’ll be okay. Just give me a few seconds. As his head cleared Rick rose to his feet once again.



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