Lake Mariposa Part Four

Lloyd’s van pulled up and parked on Memorial Boulevard and Rick started to wave and to yell out, ”It’s Rick. I’m over here.”

Misty stuck her head out of the window of the van, “Where’s your girlfriend?” Isn’t she here yet?”

Well, she was here but you just missed her by a few minutes,” Rick managed to say calmly.

Where is she now?” asked Misty.

Headed back to Vancouver with her old man. I think she’s planning to join a rock band there,” Rick said in answer to Misty’s question.

That’s a real bummer, man. I feel bad for you Rick,” said Lloyd in a comforting tone of voice. Lloyd like all males had felt the pain of being rejected by a woman. It feels like a hard punch to the gut that makes it hard to breathe.

Well, hop in the van buddy. We’re going to try to ease some of that pain. You may be hurting but you won’t be lacking for female company,” said Lloyd.

‘You can ride in the back with my sister, Sasha,” Misty offered.

Hi Sasha,” Rick said without really looking at her.

Don’t worry. I’m still in a bit of shock now but I’ll work my way out of this funk. I’m sure glad you guys are taking me to the rock festival. Hearing good music and being with good friends will help to cheer me up,” said Rick.

What bands do you like Rick?” asked Sasha.

This time Rick turned towards Sasha taking a good look at her. Rick could see that Sasha was a few years younger than both he and Misty, but she was cute. Sasha was a short girl with shoulder length blond hair. She was wearing a Jimi Hendrix tee shirt. The picture on her shirt was from the cover of Jimi Hendrix’s first LP. Sasha wore a red beret on her head.

I like what you like,” Rick answered. He was already starting to feel a bit better. It’s amazing how the potential for a new relationship can make one forget about the pain of the last break up.

How do you know what I like?” asked Sasha with a look of surprise.

Well, your tee shirt’s a dead give away. You have a picture of Hendrix on it,” answered Rick. In fact I just bought that record two days ago,” said Rick in a friendly sliding over a little closer to Sasha.

You’re right,” said Sasha laughing. She did not show any sign of discomfort when Rick moved closer to her. “ I like some hard rock like Jimi Hendrix, Cream and Blue Cheer.”

Ah, right on. I love Blue Cheer’s first album, Vincebus Eruptum. “

I’ve only heard their single, Summertime Blues on the radio,” Sasha said adjusting her beret.

Would you care for a Coke, Rick?” Lloyd asked.

Yes, that would be great.”

How about you Sasha?”

Yeah, I’d love one.”

It was starting to get hot already and all the windows in the van were now being rolled down.

I know what you’re going through. My boyfriend dumped me for another chick two weeks ago, said Sasha pulling the tab off her Coke.


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