Lake Mariposa Part Three

When Rick arrived at Memorial Park he placed one hand on his forehead to block the sun from obscuring his vision. From just a general overview of the Park, Rick could not see Arwen. He then decided to walk past each group of hippies at the park. Rick asked a couple of people if they new a chick named Arwen but nobody did.

Rick heard some one yelling his name from Memorial Boulevard. He turned around to see Arwen standing by a row of parked motorcycles. She was standing next to a tall man that appeared to be considerably older than her.

Arwen waved Rick over.

Hi Rick. I’d like you to meet my old man, Skip.”

Skip extended his hand and Rick noticed streaks of gray in the biker’s hair.

It’s good to meet you, man. Arwen told me you took good care of her yesterday. I checked with a few of our friends and they told me I could probably find Arwen here,” said Skip with a friendly smile on his face.

Yeah, Skip’s going to give me a ride back to Van. A couple of months ago I auditioned for an all girl band in Van. Skip told me that their lead singer quit the band and they are interested in giving me another audition,” Arwen explained.

Rick got all flushed and felt like he might faint for a moment but was able to steady himself against a nearby green lamp post. ‘When are you leaving?” he managed to blurt out.

In a few minutes Rick. I just wanted to let you know what was happening,” Arwen answered. “What’s the matter, man? Are you all right?”

Yeah, I”ll be okay. I’m just a bit surprised I guess,” Rick answered.

Well I just wanted to tell you Rick that I had a great time hanging out with you yesterday,” said Arwen with a look of concern on her face. She leaned over and gave Rick a big hug and a kiss on the cheek before riding off with Skip.

Rick watched them leave for about thirty seconds before making an exit from the park. He crossed Memorial Boulevard and found the closest back lane. He went to the back of an old building, leaned against the wall and began to weep.


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